Our law firm specialises in industrial property rights and related fields with a certain overlap:

•  patents
•  utility-model
•  trademarks
•  design patents
•  competition law
•  copyright
•  internet law

For an appropriate kind of protection, we assist our clients in making their choice and in finding a formulation which will be accepted by the respective authorities. We research the prior art and the availability of trademarks. Once the rights have been granted, we monitor the register for interfering rights in order to maintain the scope of protection.

Due to our large worldwide network of attorneys, lawyers and agents we can take care of filing your application in any country with a minimum of delay. Our service continues then in monitoring and handling these applications abroad.

With regard to selling and buying queries or the granting of licences, we conduct any negotiations in the name of our clients. We represent our clients in infringement proceedings and in cases concerning competition and copyright law. To complete our services, we also advise our clients on how to minimise risks when planning business or advertising campaigns.
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